Healthy Ayurvedic Teas 
Decoctions of herbs adds on health and immunity with healthy diet
General rule to prepare Ayurvedic teas 
Take 1 tsp of decoction powder take 250ml of water  reduce to 60ml , mix milk wherever required. 
Dashamula tea 
Ingredients - dashamula containes 10 Ayurvedic herbs in equal proportion. 
. Agnimantha
· Bilwa
· Bruhati
· Gokshura
· Kantakari
· Kashmari
· Patala
· Prushniparni
· Shaliparni
· Shyonaka
Mix 1tsp of dashamula powder and mix with 250ml pf water reduce to 60ml, mix with 1/2tsp of honey and consume when is it hot. 
Taste - sweet and Astringent
Dashamula has expectorant, nervine, analgesic and febrifuge actions. It directs the air and space elements in the body to flow downward and alleviates most nervine disorders associated with weakness, debility and pain. It is particularly effective in tremors, sciatica and parkinsons. Dashamula is also used in cases of dry coughs associated with respiratory weakness.
Method of preparation
Take 250 ml of drinking water add 1tsp of dashamula kashaya powder boil till it reduces to 60ml filter and add 1/2tsp of honey can drink at vatakapha kala ie. Around -7. 30am and 7.30pm.
It gets Vata kapha dosha of the body to equilibrium.