Satvik Diet Recipes
Easy to prepare, Healthy Ayurvedic -pathyahara 
Pathyahara Wholesome healthy diet
Ayurvedic Diet with knowledge of its Health Benefits
What is Satvik Diet? 
Sattvik Refers to pure, vital, positive energy, clean, conscious, healthy. 
Diet which transfer these qualities is said to be sattvik Diet. 
Sattvik Diet promotes Positiveness to Mind and Body!! 
How satvik food effects mind? 
Researchers are finding that a nutritious (Sattvik)diet isn't just good for the body; it's great for the brain, too. The knowledge is giving rise to a concept called "nutritional (or food) psychiatry." What yo u eat will definately impact on mind. So taking healthy and nutritional foods with due knowledge about the food can avoid psychiatric disorders. 

Sattvik food Habit maintains quiet and steady mind and sharpen the intellect and grows sense of empathy. 
Ayurvedic Diet Recipes 
Based on health Benefits and prakrit Recipes..